Welcome to the PhytorNetwork webstore!

Here you can purchase Ranks, Keys and other features to make your experience on the server even better!


IP: phytor.net


Why have we added a webstore?

Renting and setting up a server isn't for free and takes a lot of time. By purchasing Ranks, Keys or other items on our store you help us keeping the server in the air. It wil also support is in developing new gamemodes for our server!

To the parents:

We understand that the idea of your child wanting to purchase something on the internet may be a bit confusing. So we will quickly explain it to you. Your child plays on a online world, with many other players. Every player starts with a default rank, which already includes many permissions, but not all of them. By purchasing a higher rank or something else on the store, your child gets access to more permissions and other features on the server. This makes the game even more enjoyable.


Our payment gateway is PayPal (you may also be able to pay using PaySafeCard, to do so, mail support@phytor.net). After you've purchased your package(s) you will receive your items normally within ten minutes. Still haven't received your purchased items yet? Mail support@phytor.net and we'll try our best to help you. Please, do not contact Mojang AB, they have nothing to do with payments to the PhytorNetwork.


For all questions related to payments you can mail: support@phytor.net and we will respond as soon as possible.